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History of electroplating

Professor Boris Jakobi, an electrical engineer, is considered to be the founder of electroplating science. He was born on the 21st of September1801 in Potsdam. His real name is Moritz Germann. Karl Gustav Jacob Jakobi, a famous German mathematician, his younger brother, spent his whole life in Germany. Karlbecame professor of Konigsberg University. Moritz, by contrast, left for Russia in 1835 where he lived for 40 years - till the day he died.He received higher education at Berlin and Goettingen Universities.

Jakobi began to study electrotechnics in 1834in Konnigsberg.He investigated electromagnetics, designed electrical gear equipped with switchboard. In 1837, after acquisition of Russian nationality,he settled in St Petersburg. That time he was still searching for various methods of electricity application, mainly for military purposes.

His most remarkable invention, i.e. electroforming,took place in 1838. Jakobi contributed a lot to introduce it into printing and coinage industry. Hisexperiments attracted attention of the authorities. The scientist was provided with necessary resources and materials.To put his invention into practice the so-called Governmental Papers Department was founded and the first electroforming shop was established. This workhop deposited about 107984 kg of copper and 720 kg of gold for decoration of St Petersburg and Moscow architectural monuments and cathedrals.

Despite his great inventions Jakobi was a very modest person. He had never emphasized his achievements and merits. Though Jakobi held a senior position and was awarded with Demidov Prize in 1840 and Gold Medal in the frameworks of Paris Fair in 1867 hedid not earned much money.Before his death the scientist was forced toappeal tothe Goverment for the financial support of his family.

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