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Welcome to the probably largest on-line article library for peening, blasting, cleaning and vibratory finishing


Here you will find resumes of editorials written by Russian authors and published in GW Journal. If you'd like to read the full text of this article, submit us the correspondent request to magazine@galvanicworld.com

Metal Finishing at RADAR MMS
E. Shilova, GalvanicWorld Journal, S. Minkina, JSC Radar MMS
"Exceeding the highest defense standards"

Investigation of Bright Zinc Finishes on Brass Surface
S. Galanin, V. Agafonov, A. Galanina, Kostroma State Technical University
"The authors studies the impact of zinc content in electroplating solution on patina color"

“Female” Kingdom in Electroplating Shop
E. Shilova, GalvanicWorld Journal, O. Popova, JSC Autoarmatura
"Electroplating technicians and applicators of JSC Autoarmatura, one of the vendors to GM-AVTOVAZ and Ford-Vsevolozhsk, are exclusively women"

Electroplating Solutions Recycling Through Close Water Circulation System
A. Povorov, V. Pavlova, JSC BMT
"Modern technologies allows for the treatment of almost any wastewaters"

Zero Discharge Multi Process Electroplating Line. Automated Calculation of Mass Flows
S. Shishkina, R. Domrachev, Vyatka State University
"JSC Electropribor has successfully started up a multi process line and adopted a zero discharged electroplating technology"

Electroplating finishes and painting of aluminium surface in electronics
S. Simunova, T. Ershova, T. Yudina
"Comprehensive analysis od various finishes and coatings of electronic components"

Non-cyanid Zinc Plating Solutions
A. Zhirnov, S. Karimova, I. Ulyanov, L. Ovsyannikova, Federal Enterprise VIAM, Moscow
"Innovative Zinc Plating Process upgrades production safety in workshops and reduce costs of wastewater treatment"

Cost Effective Methods of Aluminium Surface Degreasing
I. Levitina, E. Zharovtseva, A. Tolpekin
"The new solution developped and manufactured by our company effectively removes oil and oxide layers from aluminium surface. Moreover, as an innovative product it fully complies to ecological norms and directives"

Defelsko Coating Thickness Measuring Devices
O. Portnov, S. Baev, JSC Panatest
"Coating thickness is very important for a detail's quality, process control and a product's price. Measuring of coating thickness can be effected with the help of various devices. Every process requires specific equipment to provide exact measurement and data"

Electrochemical devices for plating bath analysis and coating quality control
V. Kondratiev
"Due to the risk that represent electroplating workshops for the environment the industry needs effective devices to measure toxic metals content"

Chomium Coatings Troubleshooting
A. Ustyugov
"As a rule, hard chrome layers defects occur in base metal or preliminary coating. It is very rarely that these defects result from outstanding solution"

New solutions for Industrial watewater treatment
S. Varaksin, D. Pavlov, V. Kolesnikov
"Technopark by Mendeleev RChTU develops and successfully intruduces modern technologies and equipement for wastewaters treatment at Russian enterprises"

Electromagnetic Method of Electroplated Coatings Thickness Measurement
А. Bulatov
"The choice of thickness measuring device depends on requirements to the accuracy of measuments, necessity for recording, certification, energy consumption, handling properties and application"

Modern technologies of surface treatment and modification in elecronics
V. Tereshkin
"Ecological issues and costs pressure makes solution developers search for toxic-free processes. As a result of this search the industry acquires innovative safe technologies"

Chrome plating process investigation through honing operation
V. Kim, E. Makeenko, V. Vasilievskiy
"Specific feature of honing process is a possibility to deposit mirror coatings due to the hones that applies point pressure to the cathodic surface"

New Technology for the New Century
B. Nechaev
"Now we have absolutely new, simple and reliable technology of cyanide wastewaters neutralization that does nor require chemicals"

Overview of latest achievements in the field of electroplating with the use of nano-dispersed diamonds
G. Burkat, Doctor of Chemistry
"Nanodispersed diamonds additives with their specific properties impact physical and chemical characteristics of plating solutions significantly increasing their throwing power"

Ecologicaly friendly electroplating workshop: wastewater treatment
K. Kryshenko, Doctor of Chemistry, I. Kryshenko, Y. Kryshenko, JSC Kontseptek
"Modern methods of electroplating workshops exposure reduction not only preserves environment but also brings significant economical results"

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